Students in Semester by the Sea make all payments to your institution in order to apply their full range of scholarships and grants.  Universities then make a master payment to SBTS for all student expenses in three areas:


Students will pay your campus room rate based on an apartment private room cost or comparable rate.  Students will be placed in shared resort rooms or clustered in houses by gender.  One faculty apartment or cabin is provided for your visiting faculty during each learning community.  Additional faculty or staff would pay for accomodations.


Students will pay $900 per month for three meals a day in our resort restaurants.  Our menu prices range from $20 to $48 per meal, so students receive up to a 80% discount.  Take a look at a sample menu for our Malibu Cafe located right in the heart of our resort:


To pay for our facilities and staffing, we share a percentage of your net tuition revenue.  This allows you to pay for faculty and overhead and for us to run our campus program.  Depending on the needs of the campus, costs such as travel and excusions can be built into the tuition or be passed on to the student as an additional travel / program fee.