THE BUNGALOWS - Leased 2018/19




The Bungalows are located on the westside of the Calamigos Property and is 1 Large Craftsman Style Bungalow, with private entrances for each Mini Bungalow - #1, #2, #3. There is Main Bungalow next door that can house up to 10-12 students. Please contact the Leasing Dept. for additional information. 

Bungalow 1 -Double room - Leased

Bungalow 2- Single room - Leased

Bungalow 3 -Small Single room - Available at $4950

Bungalow Main House -(Must have group of 7 Students in advance) 

Pricing:  Private rooms at $5750 per semester

 shared room: at $4950 per semester

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.27.34 PM.png